Contest: Win A Repaired Thermapen!

I’ll admit I got a little “the new phone book’s here!” when I saw this box sitting on my porch.

I opened’er up and look what was inside!

Ronald Reagan’s favorite candy!

In the spirit of our 40th president, I ate all the jelly beans myself.

Then I saw this.  There is my nice, new shiny GREEN splash-proof Thermapen thermometer, but who is that to the right?  Ah yes, it’s my old broken, original red Thermapen.  I asked for it back when I ordered the new one (thank you spendthrift voters).

I took ol’Red out of the bag to relive a few fond baking memories and I saw that the case wasn’t cracked anymore.  Remember this horror?

Then, for giggles, I opened both Thermapens and put them on the counter.  It appears that the red one is working now!  Or the new green one is broken in exactly the same manner!  No, seriously, the red one was working!

Then I saw this little note in the bag…

How cool is that?!

Timothy was the Thermoworks guy that commented on my original post and suggested I check into repairing my beloved Thermapen.

Now this is where you come in!  I have two working Thermapen thermometers.  Good ol’repaired Red, and the Cadilliac-kid Green.  I don’t need two Thermapens, so in the spirit of Yankee neighborly-ness,  I am going to give away the Red Thermapen.  I think this also represents the spirit of Timothy and Amanda (and the other folks) at Thermoworks too.

All you have to do to be eligible to win my old Red Thermapen, is submit a comment to this post explaining why you would like it, or what you might measure with it.  Or just enter “hi”.  Really, it doesn’t matter since I won’t be judging you on the content of your comment, or even the content of your character.  Like much in life, I’m simply going to select the winning comment at random.   If you are selected, all you have to do is drive to my house and pick it up.  Kidding!  If you are selected, I’ll contact you by email to get your snail-mail address and I’ll ship the Thermapen to you gratis.  That’s Yankee for “it’s on me”.

Enter now, this contest closes at 8 pm EST on Friday, April 1st (but this is no joke).


I would love to respond to your comments (as I always love to do), but I am refraining this time, so I don’t mess up the comment count for the contest!  Good luck everyone!


I can’t resist, I have to respond.  It’s a problem, I know.  I will just eliminate my comments from the count and do the math.  For you, my readers, I’ll do the math.





20 responses to “Contest: Win A Repaired Thermapen!

  1. Augh! How delightful! You know… I don’t have a kitchen thermometer, and have been utilizing the old standard ‘back of the spoon’ test, ‘soft ball in water’ test, ‘no crumbs on the toothpick’ test, the ‘it hasn’t curdled yet’ test, then there’s the trail and error (read: Edward Scissorhands test) ‘well after I’ve sliced into it 5 times, it looks done, but I’m not sure about that thick part over there *slice*, hmm, 2 more minutes?’.
    Lest we forget that unfortunate ‘I can eye ball it’ bravado ending in Maple Syrup boiling over and hardening onto Mom’s glass top stove (FAIL, that was cerca ’98. I’ve been making kitchen messes for so long now!)
    I WANT IT!! My mouth is watering just thinking about the temps I could potentially be reading! Now, I’m not one for neuropathy, wait, no.. necro.. hmm, nepotism, there it is… That one, I’m not about that, but that being said, I am about alleviating guess work through proper procedure when it comes to the culinary arts :)

    • This blog is all about nepotism, if it weren’t, I would have very few readers and comments. That said, I can’t select your comment, but if the random number generator picks you, it is out of my hands. You aren’t related to the random number generator are you? I remember the syrup boil over event. I believe the glass top stove was new, too. Love you Cristin, and hope you win!

  2. Congratulations! I noticed that there appears, from your photos, to be a slight discrepancy in the thermocalibrations of the two units. That will only add to the fun. We have a fondness for “old red” objects at our house, so should we be the random winners, we would love add the pen to our flock of useful, if not slightly askew, ! Enjoy your new toy, and a tip of my hat to the company that has such class.

    • There is a discrepancy! If 4 tenths of a degree is crucial, I think you need to look to something other than Ol’Red. You know, the new ones come in ORANGE! xoxo, hope you win Kath, I know it would be treated nicely in your home.

  3. Will this work to take the dog’s temperature?

    • Liz! Henry doesn’t look like good eatin’ to me. How about your just check if his nose is dry, and use the thermapen for testing something other than pets. Or husbands. Oh, dammit, I hope you win too.

  4. Hi – We’d like the thermopen please. Although, since we’re family we may not be eligible. That said, we’ll settle for a spot on your blogroll, since as NYC food bloggers go, our food is arguably better than that of smitten kitchen’s :)

    • Hi guys. Family is definitely eligible. If they weren’t, I would have not entrants! You just can’t be related to the random number generator. I’m not going to get in the middle of you and The Smitten, but I will add you to the blogroll. Done. Hi to Herbie from Stella, and Stella says she hopes Herbie wins.

  5. Congrats, Chris. Hope you got a pear jelly bean in your bag (my favorite). Couldn’t help but chime in. There is no discrepancy! The ‘ol red unit doesn’t show tenths of a degree, that’s all. What’s 69.6 rounded up to the nearest whole degree? 70! Just sayin…

  6. Oh, okay, I need to throw my hat in the ring for this one too! I must admit, a lot of what Cristin uses for her wellness checks are tried and true around here. I could really use it for when I cook meat. Remember freshman year bio? After we learned the horrors of intestinal parasites I have cooked all meat to the point of no return….a full glass of milk to get down every bite!

    • I’ll do what I can to help save your family from the horror of overcooked meat. So they won’t say, as I do, “Mmm. Just like Mom used to make”, when they get a pork chop that actually sucks the moisture from your body. Good luck KT!

  7. Oh, I am definitely in for this! What a nice surprise!

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  9. Loving your blog — topic and writing style! So great!

  10. I know we can’t have two entries, but Eric and I would probably fight over the thermapen…him for “the brewery” and I for all of my adventures in the kitchen…i should measure my my bread temps, and i’d really like to make taffy:)

  11. Look at you Kate, entering at the last moment! Good luck and good luck keeping it to yourself if you win!

  12. Ok, it’s 8:12………

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