Thermapen Conundrum

My beloved thermapen thermometer broke, but after some overwrought prose and a helpful comment from Tim at Thermoworks, I shipped off my thermometer to see about a repair.  Amanda at Thermoworks gave me the shipping information, and added the hopeful comment that most repairs are in the $15-20 range.

There she is, all snug in an old check box, ready for her trip to Utah.

I got an email from Amanda a few days later saying that she had arrived safely, and that I would be contacted soon with a repair estimate.

I got the call with the estimate yesterday.  $40.  Bummer.

I asked how that broke down and was told that it was $5 to replace the red plastic housing that had melted, plus $35 for a new probe.  The probe needed to be replaced because the plastic around the probe was cracked and although the probe worked, it was only a matter of time before it failed.

I hemmed.  I hawed.  For $40, I would end up with a like-new, old model thermapen.  I knew that a  new model thermapen (with the fancy splash-proof design…they don’t even carry my old school ones anymore) would run me $89.

I said that was a little more than I was expecting to spend on my 7-year-old thermapen.  The person I spoke with offered that they would sell me the new model thermapen at a discounted price of $79.

I hemmed.  I hawed.  Then the person gave me another alternative.  I could get a refurbished probe to replace my old cracked one for $10, bringing the total repair to $15.  That was more in line with what I was hoping for based on our original email conversations.

But now I had a decision to make.  Do I pay $40 and get basically a new, old model thermapen or do I pay $15 and get a probably basically-new, old model thermapen.  Or do I just bite the bullet and pay the $79 and get the new splash-proof model.  That splash-proof thing is attractive to me, because hey, the kitchen is a wet place sometimes!

I have decided to leave the choice up to you, oh faithful readers reader.  Please complete my poll, and I’ll do what you deem is best.  The poll will close Friday night at 8pm EST.  Thank you, my wise counselors




9 responses to “Thermapen Conundrum

  1. Ok, I was really torn on this one…….I would have voted to skip the thermometer all together, and that is what I was going to vote for initially….but then I thought of you sitting there with a furrowed brow, scurrying around your kitchen, fretting over the EXACT temperature of this and that. So, I decided that for YOU, a top of the line, [YES you deserve it ] sparkly (make sure you pronounce that with the proper Boston spaahkle for me) brand new thermapen is in order! ENJOY!!

  2. I love my Thermapen. My meat is no longer dry and rubbery. I actually properly cooked a turkey this year. It was worth every dollar I spent on it. I vote for a new Thermapen.

  3. You’re asking me-Spendthrifts Anonymous? Buy the new one-you get $10 off (maybe they’ll even throw in s/h) and you get the splash-proof guard so you can use in it in the shower. ;P

  4. Whee! Spendthrifts Unite!

  5. Gosh, you know me: I can’t make a decision…but, I appreciate your desire for scientific perfection in your cooking and thought, yes, the new one would make sense – what’s another $80….but, it seems there’s a lot of value and sentimentality about your original. If indeed that affects your decision, I would vote to have your original repaired.

  6. All good Rosalyn..all good. But did you vote? That is where the rubber meets the road! (you can see my reasons for throwing such an important, and perhaps even life-altering decision out to the wisdom of the interweb)

  7. Yes – didn’t you see that checkmark I actually made?

  8. I vote for loving “Had the Radish”!

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