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Thermapen Winner!

We have a winner of my refurbished Thermapen!

I put the names of the 8 entrants into the virtual hat (I disregarded Timothy’s comment because he works at Thermoworks and I’m sure he has more thermometers than he know what to do with), and had my friend, the random number generator pick out the name.

The winning comment was Commenter #1, Cristin.

Yay, Cristin and thank you random number generator.

Cristin is my niece who is newly married, newly certified as a yoga instructor and newly relocated to Arizona.  And she gets a nearly new thermapen.  Spooooky.

Congratulations, Cristin, and may your bread always rise and your meat be just how you want it.

Cristin, 1986-ish


Contest: Win A Repaired Thermapen!

I’ll admit I got a little “the new phone book’s here!” when I saw this box sitting on my porch.

I opened’er up and look what was inside!

Ronald Reagan’s favorite candy!

In the spirit of our 40th president, I ate all the jelly beans myself.

Then I saw this.  There is my nice, new shiny GREEN splash-proof Thermapen thermometer, but who is that to the right?  Ah yes, it’s my old broken, original red Thermapen.  I asked for it back when I ordered the new one (thank you spendthrift voters).

I took ol’Red out of the bag to relive a few fond baking memories and I saw that the case wasn’t cracked anymore.  Remember this horror?

Then, for giggles, I opened both Thermapens and put them on the counter.  It appears that the red one is working now!  Or the new green one is broken in exactly the same manner!  No, seriously, the red one was working!

Then I saw this little note in the bag…

How cool is that?!

Timothy was the Thermoworks guy that commented on my original post and suggested I check into repairing my beloved Thermapen.

Now this is where you come in!  I have two working Thermapen thermometers.  Good ol’repaired Red, and the Cadilliac-kid Green.  I don’t need two Thermapens, so in the spirit of Yankee neighborly-ness,  I am going to give away the Red Thermapen.  I think this also represents the spirit of Timothy and Amanda (and the other folks) at Thermoworks too.

All you have to do to be eligible to win my old Red Thermapen, is submit a comment to this post explaining why you would like it, or what you might measure with it.  Or just enter “hi”.  Really, it doesn’t matter since I won’t be judging you on the content of your comment, or even the content of your character.  Like much in life, I’m simply going to select the winning comment at random.   If you are selected, all you have to do is drive to my house and pick it up.  Kidding!  If you are selected, I’ll contact you by email to get your snail-mail address and I’ll ship the Thermapen to you gratis.  That’s Yankee for “it’s on me”.

Enter now, this contest closes at 8 pm EST on Friday, April 1st (but this is no joke).


I would love to respond to your comments (as I always love to do), but I am refraining this time, so I don’t mess up the comment count for the contest!  Good luck everyone!


I can’t resist, I have to respond.  It’s a problem, I know.  I will just eliminate my comments from the count and do the math.  For you, my readers, I’ll do the math.