“Had the radish”: An expression regional to Vermont meaning

1.  Worn out:  Only six months after my daughter got her license and the clutch’s already had the radish.

2.  Exhausted:  After the day I’ve had, I’ve got to turn in.  I’ve about had the radish!

2.  Doomed:  I can’t believe you totaled Mom’s car!  You’ve had the radish now!

After cultivating a true Vermont pedigree through generations of hard work and immobility, Chris threw it all away by chasing employment 250 miles down-country. In the time it took to be issued a new driver’s license, her status went from “true Vermonter” to “from away”.

Another identity shift occurred 12 years later when Chris didn’t return to the corporate world after her maternity leave. Since then, her days have been filled with the all the usual chores and pleasures of a stay-at-home mom.

This blog is my space to document and share my failures and successes on the home front, and also to indulge my love of telling a good story. The best stories I know are the true ones.


2 responses to “About

  1. Phew, so glad you said radish, not rash! :) That would make for an entirely different type of blog!

  2. I am really afraid of what Google hits would come here if it was Had the Rash.

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