Thermapen Winner!

We have a winner of my refurbished Thermapen!

I put the names of the 8 entrants into the virtual hat (I disregarded Timothy’s comment because he works at Thermoworks and I’m sure he has more thermometers than he know what to do with), and had my friend, the random number generator pick out the name.

The winning comment was Commenter #1, Cristin.

Yay, Cristin and thank you random number generator.

Cristin is my niece who is newly married, newly certified as a yoga instructor and newly relocated to Arizona.  And she gets a nearly new thermapen.  Spooooky.

Congratulations, Cristin, and may your bread always rise and your meat be just how you want it.

Cristin, 1986-ish


One response to “Thermapen Winner!

  1. I am SO excited!! I will keep you posted on the pen’s first use! (Ooo, I can’t decided, what will it be?)
    Thank you for posting this pic, I love it. That shirt (from my coolest aunt) and those sneaks were a couple of my favorite things.

    Love you so much!


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