Murder Most Fowl

Stella the cat was outside when we returned from grocery shopping.

The husband noticed she was chasing something and he and Thing One went to investigate.

Stella had found a little mouse friend to play with!

Oh!  What fun they were having.  Pounce, release, chase…pounce, release, chase (repeat).  It was hard for me to see the expression on the mouse’s face, but I’ll bet it was just tickled to have made such an attentive new friend.

Stella and the mouse moved their game near the chicken pen, and Thing One and the husband followed to cheer on the mouse.  Mousy escaped and dashed toward the pen, but was blocked by a swift paw and pounce.  Mousy escaped again and this time managed to run into the chicken pen!

There was a little confused bawk-bawking, and then one of the chickens (I think it was Chiffon) did her little cockeyed distance-to-target calibration stare and Wham! one peck and the little mouse game was over.

We all went “awwww!” and then as the other hens gathered around and we changed our cry to “Oh, Thing One, don’t watch, don’t watch!”  But it was too late.  Chickens are definitely omnivores.


2 responses to “Murder Most Fowl

  1. Aww…SWEEET. Go nature!

  2. Ew! Poor thing. What a demise. Stella must have been bummed.

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