Motorola Stereo, The Insides

Here are a few more pictures of the stereo. Please excuse the quality, they were taken on my phone and the lighting was tricky!

It looks to have 10 “Golden Voice” tweeters (5 on each side, about 3.5″ diameter), one “Golden Voice” woofer (about 15″ diameter).

And 10 tubes (one big one, 6 medium and 3 small ones).

And a lot of dust.




Speaker bay under turntable:



Center Bay with woofer:


Bay Under Controls:


The Set of Tubes:





2 responses to “Motorola Stereo, The Insides

  1. The good news is all of those tubes (in the amplifier) are relatively inexpensive to replace if necessary. 12AX7s are all over the place, 6V6s are also fairly common (either in old stock or new production) and the 3DG4, while somewhat less common, is still pretty cheap (about $8 for a tube). At first glance, I don’t see any obvious bad tubes, although you’ll want to have a tech recap the amp and test the tubes.

  2. Thanks Derek for the tube advice, and for stopping by my blog.

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