New (Old) Motorola Stereo

Just inherited my parents old Motorola Stereo from the basement.  Looks good, plays slowly, and am hoping I can get some advice on what model it is, and what I should do next to try and make some memories with my own kids with this classic stereo.  It has tubes!!









3 responses to “New (Old) Motorola Stereo

  1. This stereo is why exists. ;) They will have lots of hacks.

  2. You have one, if not two spare inputs (depending on whether or not you choose to use the turntable). You can (at the very least) use the ‘TAPE’ input for an MP3 player, or CD player or network music server, etc. Recap the electronics (and the crossover as necessary) and you should be good for another 30 years.

  3. Hi Derek, we did just do that…we plugged our MP3 player into the tape input and the speakers sounded great. Very little hum or pop (just when moving a dial, which I think suggests we need to clean the contacts). The turntable spins, and at the right speed as near as we can measure. Am hopeful all it really needs now to sound good is a new needle. We will plan on recap’ing (or having it done) in the near future. Thanks for stopping by, and thanks for the suggestions

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