Springtime Arrives!

Finally, after a winter where the depth of snowstorms was sometimes measured in cats…

and the weather conditions made even the most usual chores a challenge.

Where the decision to run out for a quart of milk sometimes required a little extra effort…

We are beginning to see signs of spring!

Despite our inattention, the rhubarb abides.

The daffodils remind us of the work we did in the fall…

while the side garden sits fallow, a reminder of work to come.

But for now, the work will wait.  These early spring afternoons are meant for sunning at the beach…

and treasure hunting on the rocks.

We are enjoying our time to free-range

after a winter of being cooped-up.

Spring has finally arrived at Casa de Pollo Loco.


3 responses to “Springtime Arrives!

  1. I had a funny dream about you last night. Well, you weren’t exactly in it, but…
    I dreamt that it was a chilly but sunny March day. (Freaky, huh?) I was going for a walk down Capstan (the street that intersects with Olde Fartes Lane and I noticed a chicken-wire enclosure in one of the neighbor’s yards, in which were several chickens and chicks. Some of the chickens were the same color as yours, some were brown, some white, and there were some yellow chicks but they looked like teenagers. There was also a large white rooster. He was being really obnoxious with the hens. He smelled one’s butt, like a dog, and then started humping the poor thing, knocking her to the ground. I called over the woman who owned the chickens (I have no idea who she was–just someone my brain invented). There were little kids around, watching the “proceedings.” I whispered to the woman, “You know, you can get eggs without a rooster. My friend Chris has chickens, and they lay eggs, and she doesn’t have a rooster. I could hook you up with her so she can tell you about it. Unless you just want to breed chickens so you can [glancing over at the little ears nearby] E-A-T them.” That’s about all I remember. Just thought I would share that with you! :-)

  2. Too funny Anna. There will be no E-A-T’ing here. That point has been made pretty clear to me. I think just as soon as Thing 1 acquires a taste for vegetables, she may go vegan. Hey! I know a good restaurant for her!
    xoxo see you soon!

  3. Enjoyed reading your ode to spring, with photos appropriately weighed for extra warmth…thank you, I needed this…Roz

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